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Affymetrix® University - Expression Data Analysis Course

The Affymetrix University Expression Data Analysis Course is a three-day hands-on training program outlining analytical methods for use with Affymetrix' GeneChip® Expression Arrays, including whole-transcript, 3' IVT, and miRNA arrays.

During the Affymetrix University Expression Data Analysis Course, attendees are guided through the entire analysis pipeline of an expression experiment, from initial design to final biological interpretation, using industry-leading software solutions and peer-reviewed analysis methodology. Theoretical presentations are backed with hands-on practical exercises and interactive roundtable discussions.


Affymetrix University Data Analysis Courses

Who should attend?
Affymetrix University Data Analysis Courses are ideal if you are:

  • A new or intermediate microarray user
  • New to data analysis or have limited experience
  • Would like guidance on how to properly design the experiment
  • Interested in learning more about the Affymetrix platform


What does it include?
In this three-day hands-on training you will:

  • Plan effective and efficient experiments to ensure productive data analysis
  • Review trends in probe set summarization and normalization
  • Explore methods and guidelines for quality control
  • Learn to correctly apply appropriate statistical methods and corrections
  • Perform hands-on exercises for statistical and filtering procedures
  • Learn various visualization techniques for expression data
  • Construct network diagrams to elucidate interactions among lists of interesting genes
  • Investigate molecular and biological processes that are implicated by annotation and literature
  • Learn about standards for public database submission and recommendations
  • Discuss your work with colleagues in an informal setting during an evening event

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Affmetrix University Expression Data Analysis uses Partek® Genomics Suite™ and Ariadne Pathway Studio® Explore, Affymetrix Edition, for hands-on downstream analysis.

Partek Genomics Suite

Course registrants will receive a 90-day license to Partek Genomics Suite.

Partek Genomics Suite is a comprehensive suite of advanced statistics and interactive data visualization tools specifically designed to reliably extract biological signals from a variety of genomic data sets in a fast and memory-efficient manner. Designed for high-dimensional genomic studies containing thousands of samples, Partek GS will analyze large data sets on a personal computer.

Ariadne Pathway Studio® Explore, Affymetrix Edition

Course registrants will receive a 30-day license to Ariadne Pathway Studio® Explore, Affymetrix Edition.
Ariadne Pathway Studio Explore, Affymetrix Edition enables pathway analysis of the entire probe list, associating genes into like-functioned or like-associated biological properties using advanced data analysis algorithms. Pathway analysis adds a biological perspective to your experimental data and takes your understanding beyond clustering comparisons and heat-map visualization.


Affymetrix University Courses

Registration for this course includes:

  • The use of a laptop for the session
  • 90-day license for Partek Genomics Suite™
  • 30-day license for Ariadne Pathway Studio®
  • Breakfast, lunch, and refreshments on each day
  • Participation in the social networking dinner
  • Register for the Affymetrix University Expression Data Analysis Course using the forms below.

To find out more about course availability, and get details on discounted group rates and hosting on-site training sessions, please contact us.

Expression Data Analysis November 13-15, 2012 Santa Clara, CA OPEN REGISTER NOW
Expression Data Analysis November 21-23, 2012 Lane End, UK OPEN REGISTER NOW

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