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Gene Expression Assay and Data Analysis

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I have observed on occasion that multiple _at probe sets are mapped to the same gene but give different expression results. How do I reconcile the difference?

There are various reasons why this happens. With increasing knowledge of the genome, the unique probe sets (_at probe sets) that were initially designed may turn out to represent subclusters that have collapsed into a single cluster in a later design. Therefore, it may seem that multiple "unique" _at probe sets now correspond to a single gene. Different results from the probe sets could be observed due to the following reasons:

  1. They represent splice variants or may cross-hybridize to different members that belong to a highly similar gene family or transcripts with different poly-A sites.
  2. One probe set is more 5' than the other
  3. One probe set is better designed than the other

In these cases, it is important to use the resources available on the NetAffx™ Analysis Center to understand if any of the above scenarios apply. Other expression analysis techniques may also be used to confirm which probe set reflects the transcript level more accurately.