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Automated Target Preparation Solutions

Affymetrix has partnered with Beckman Coulter, the market leader in liquid-handling robotics, to provide powerful, robust, out-of-the-box target preparation solutions. The partnership will provide co-developed products from the market leaders in microarrays and automated liquid handlers, so you can have confidence that the entire solution is optimized, robust, developed, validated, and supported from end to end.

Current products

Beckman Coulter's Biomek® FXP Target Prep Express

The Biomek® FXP Target Prep Express is an Affymetrix-specific configuration of the successful Biomek FXP platform. You can now use a single part number to order the liquid-handling platform and all of the necessary accessories to run Affymetrix target preparation assays.

The Biomek® FXP Target Prep Express provides superior positional accuracy and robustness. The intuitive software interfaces enable you to start up quickly and easily switch between methods.


  • High-quality results
    • Eliminate pipetting errors
    • Improve consistency
    • Have confidence with fully validated Affymetrix target preparation methods
  • Flexibility
    • Axiom™ Genotyping Solution target preparation methods (available now)
    • Other methods are in development and will be available soon
  • Scalability
    • Process samples in batches of 24 or 96

Application methods

Additional liquid-handling platforms and target preparation methods will be available in the near future, so check back often for more developments.

Learn more by visiting the Beckman Coulter website.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Part # Description Details
A83103 Biomek® FXP Target Prep Express Contains Biomek FXP Target Prep Express pre-configured to run Affymetrix target preparation assays

Related Products

Part # Description Details
901281 Axiom™ Reagent Kit* Includes all reagents (except isopropanol) to process 96 gDNA samples

*Reagent kits do not include plastic consumables required to run the assay on the Beckman Biomek FXP Target Prep Express System. For a list of required Beckman consumables, please see the Axiom User Guide.
GeneTitan™ Multi-Channel (MC) Instrument See product page for more information