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NetAffx™ Analysis Center

Get unprecedented access to array content.

The NetAffx™ Analysis Center enables researchers to correlate their GeneChip® array results with array design and annotation information.

  • NetAffx Query Search transcript clusters and probe sets for a particular term or identifier
  • Batch Query Retrieve annotations for a probe list
  • Probe Match Find probe sets that identically match a nucleotide sequence(s)
  • NetAffx Query - Search probe sets for a term or identifier
  • Batch Query - Retrieve annotations for a probe list
  • BLAST - Find probe sets that BLAST align to your sequence(s) through BLAST
  • Probe Match - Find probes that identically match your sequence(s)
  • UCSC Query - Query the UCSC Browser including a custom track for your array of interest.
  • NetAffx Query - Search probe sets for a term or identifier
  • Batch Query - Retrieve annotations for a probe list
  • LD Mapper - Evaluate GenomeWideSNP arrays coverage for your list of rsIDs, genes, or genomic regions
  • UCSC Query - Query the UCSC public genome by position
  • SNP Finder - Search for SNPs between microsatellites

The Axiom™ Design Center enables you to quickly select and configure a custom Axiom™ myDesign™ Array for your genotyping studies. You can choose from the 11 million common and rare markers in the Axiom Genomic Database and/or submit your own sequence information.

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New releases, product support, applications

For an archival listing of NetAffx Announcements click here

January 22, 2014

Release of NetAffx NA34 for IVT Expression and Genotyping Arrays

In addition to the usual updates for biological annotations for transcripts, gene symbols, OMIM, Gene Ontology and over a score of other data sources, NetAffx update NA34 includes new genome builds for mouse (mm10), rat (rn5), chicken (galgal4), and cow (bosTau6) and dbSNP build 137.

The annotation process for WT Gene, WT Exon and HTA arrays has undergone a major overhaul to improve the quality of annotations for these arrays. This has caused a delay in the NA34 support for the Whole Transcript Expression arrays. These updates will be released shortly.

Click here for full documentation on sources used in NA34.

May 23, 2013

Update for GenomeWide SNP 6.0, GenomeWide SNP 5.0, and Axiom Bovine arrays

GenomeWide SNP 6.0 na33 annotation update released. Minor performance updates for GenomeWide SNP 5.0 and Axiom Bovine arrays.

May 2, 2013

Improved GO coverage for WTGene array transcript annotation csv files available

They are available through the NetAffx XML annotation feed, and the online catalog:

  • AraGene
  • BovGene
  • CanGene
  • ChiGene
  • PorGene
  • RheGene
  • ZebGene

Resources and Help

Selected resources and documentation for getting the most out of the NetAffx™ Analysis Center

NetAffx Help Center
The complete index of documentation available for NetAffx users. Including:

Sources for NetAffx Annotation Updates See documentation for sources and versions of data that went into the annotation updates.

NetAffx FAQ

Glossaries of Annotation Terms (3'IVT Expression, WT Expression, Genotyping)