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Ambion WT Expression Kit - Support Materials

For more information, please see the product page.


GeneAtlas® WT Expression Kit, User Manual (pdf, 1.20 MB)

Safety Data Sheets

Eukaryotic Hybridization Control Kit (zip, 172 KB)

WT Terminal Labeling Kit (zip, 141 KB)

Package Inserts

Eukaryotic Poly-A RNA Control Kit (pdf, 82 KB)

Hybridization Control Kit (pdf, 111 KB)

WT Terminal Labeling Kit (pdf, 725 KB)

Quick Reference Cards

Ambion® WT Expression Kit (pdf, 81.5 KB)

Technical Notes

Product Bulletin: Ambion® WT Expression Kit (pdf, 1.24 MB)

White Papers

Technical Performance of the Ambion® WT Expression Kit (pdf, 1.81 MB)