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Scanner 3000 7G Plus Targeted Genotyping System - Support Materials

For more information, please see the product page.


The GeneChip® System: An Integrated Solution for Expression and DNA Analysis (pdf, 228 KB)


Targeted Genotyping System User's Guide (pdf, 4.04 MB)

Quick Reference Cards

Scanner 3000 7G (pdf, 677 KB)

User Bulletin, Affymetrix Targeted Genotyping System (pdf, 69 KB)

White Papers

Targeted Genotyping Algorithm Enhancements for Release 1.5 (pdf, 21 KB)

Additional Support

Universal 10K Array Definition (zip 93 KB)

Universal 25K Array Definition (zip, 199 KB)

Universal 3K Array Definition (zip, 85 KB)

Universal 5K Array Definition (zip, 92 KB)

Universal 70K Array Definition (zip, 581 KB)