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Mouse Promoter 1.0R Array - Support Materials

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Application Notes

ChIP-on-chip (pdf, 487 KB)

Archived Presentations

Scientific Forum, 1st European ChIP-on-chip

Webinar, Six-part ChIP-on-chip Symposia Series

Library Files

GeneChip Tiling Arrays - Data Analysis Library File Updates

Mouse Promoter 1.0R Array (zip, 131 MB)

Mouse Promoter Tiling Array NCBIv36 Annotation Bundle (zip, 1.4 MB)

Mouse Promotor Tiling Array NCBIv36 BPMAP file (zip, 63 MB)


Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Assay Protocol (pdf, 679 KB)

Package Inserts

Mouse Promoter 1.0R Array (pdf, 200 KB)


Tiling Analysis Software

Alignment, Annotation, and Sequence files

Information about using Alignment, Annotation, and Sequence files