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HT IVT Labeling Kit - Support Materials

HT IVT Labeling Kit has been discontinued. The following support materials are still available.

Data Sheets

Standardized Assays and Reagents for GeneChip Expression Analysis (pdf, 3.02 MB)

Frequently Asked Questions

Gene Expression Assay and Data Analysis


Expression Analysis Technical Manual - Cartridge Arrays Using the Array Station (pdf, 1.70 MB)

Expression Analysis Technical Manual For HT Array Plates Using the GeneChip® Array Station (pdf, 7.4 MB)

Safety Data Sheets

HT IVT Labeling Kit (pdf, 38 KB)

Package Inserts

GeneChip® HT IVT Labeling Kit (pdf, 129 KB)

HT One-Cycle cDNA Synthesis Kit (pdf, 125 KB)

Additional Support

Fluidics Scripts

Probe Set Data in MAGE-ML Format