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HT WT PLUS Reagent Kit - Support Materials

For more information, please see the product page.

Data Sheets

HT WT PLUS Reagent Kit (pdf, 787 KB)


HT WT PLUS Reagent Kit User Manual (pdf, 13.5 MB)

Site Preparation Guide, HT WT PLUS Kit and HT 3' IVT PLUS Kit (pdf, 6 MB)

Safety Data Sheets

WT Amplification Kit Module 1 MSDS (pdf, 183 KB)

WT Amplification Kit Module 2 MSDS (pdf, 106 KB)

Package Inserts

Affymetrix® HT WT PLUS Consumables for Biomek® FXP Target Prep Express (pdf, 138 KB)

GeneChip® HT WT PLUS Reagent Kit (pdf, 41 KB)