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Genotyping Console™ Software - Support Materials

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Genotyping Console™ Software


Annotation Converter, User Manual (pdf, 1.25 MB)

Axiom® Genotyping Solution Data Analysis Guide (pdf, 11 MB)

Genotyping Console 4.1, Browser User Manual (pdf, 1.48 MB)

Genotyping Console 4.2 User Guide (pdf, 16 MB)

Sample Data

HapMap 270 CNV CHP (zip, 5.5 MB)

Heatmap Quickload - HapMap 270 (zip, 323 MB)

White Papers

BRLMM-P: a Genotype Calling Method for the SNP 5.0 Array (pdf, 163 KB)

Canary Algorithm Version 1.0 (pdf, 88.5 KB)

Copy Number Algorithm with Built-in GC Waviness Correction (pdf, 864 KB)

Genotyping Console™ Quality Control Assessment (pdf, 1.07 MB)

MAPD and Quality Control in GTC 2.0 (pdf, 193 KB)

The Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH) Algorithm in Genotyping Console 2.0 (pdf, 165 KB)

Additional Support

Affymetrix Software Support Policy

Axiom_GW_Hu Ref103 file for genotyping concordance (zip, 832 KB)

Genotyping Console 3.0 Analysis Files (zip, 861 MB)

Genotyping Console 4.0 Analysis Files (zip, 225 MB)

Genotyping Console 4.1, Read Me (pdf, 632 KB)

Genotyping Console 4.1.1 ReadMe, Installation Information (pdf, 632 KB)

Genotyping Console 4.1.1 Release Notes (pdf, 492 KB)

Genotyping Console 4.1.2 ReadMe, Installation Information (pdf, 623 KB)

Genotyping Console 4.1.2 Release Notes (pdf, 399 KB)

Genotyping Console 4.2 ReadMe, Installation Information (pdf, 144 KB)

Genotyping Console 4.2 Release Notes (pdf, 237 KB)

Genotyping Console Workflow (pdf, 2.86 MB)

HapMap for Genotyping Concordance Reference (zip, 66 MB)

How to Use HapMap Reference (pdf, 292 KB)

Ref103 file for genotyping concordance (zip, 1.13 MB)