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Clariom D assays, Mouse - Support Materials

For more information, please see the product page.


Clariom™ assays Brochure (pdf, 1.91 MB)

Expression Microarray Reagent Guide (pdf, 244 KB)

Data Sheets

Clariom™ D solutions

Clariom_D_solutions_datasheet - Japanese version (pdf, 269KB)

Frequently Asked Questions

GeneChip® human, mouse, and rat transcriptome assays (pdf, 105 KB)


Expression Console™ Software (pdf, 6 MB)

Expression Wash, Stain and Scan User Manual for Cartridge Arrays (pdf, 2.52 MB)

Sample Attribute Editor (pdf, 597 KB)

Transcriptome Analysis Console (pdf, 7 MB)

WT Pico Kit User Guide (pdf, 1.8 MB)

WT PLUS Reagent Kit User Manual (pdf, 2 MB)

Quick Reference Cards

Expression Console Quick Reference Card (pdf, 1.13 MB)

Additional Support

Fluidics Scripts