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Axiom® Trout Genotyping Array - Support Materials

For more information, please see the product page.


Agrigenomics Genotyping Solutions (pdf, 3.36 MB)

Axiom® Genotyping Solution for breeding and selection (pdf, 1.77 MB)

GeneTitan® Instrument (pdf, 1.93 MB)

Data Sheets

Axiom Trout Genotyping Array (pdf, 225 KB)

Library Files

AGCC 3.x Axiom® Trout, 384 Peg, Gene Titan MC Library Files (zip, 12 KB)

AGCC 3.x Axiom® Trout, 96 Peg, Gene Titan MC Library Files (zip, 10 KB)

Axiom® Trout, 384 Peg, Analysis Files, r1 (zip, 3.3 MB)

Axiom® Trout, 384 Peg, Annotation Converter, r1 (zip, 3.5 KB)

Axiom® Trout, 96 Peg, Analysis Files, r1 (zip, 3.4 MB)

Axiom® Trout, 96 Peg, Annotation Converter, r1 (zip, 3.1 KB)


Axiom® 2.0 Assay Automated Workflow Site Prep Guide (pdf, 685 KB)

Axiom® 2.0 Assay Automated Workflow User Guide (pdf, 6.58 MB)

Axiom® 2.0 Assay for 384 Samples Site Prep Guide (pdf, 794 KB)

Axiom® 2.0 Assay for 384 Samples User Guide (pdf, 9 MB)

Axiom® 2.0 Assay Manual Workflow Site Prep Guide (pdf, 139 KB)

Axiom® 2.0 Assay Manual Workflow User Guide (pdf, 4.56 MB)

Axiom® Genotyping Solution Data Analysis Guide (pdf, 11 MB)

Safety Data Sheets

Axiom® 2.0 Reagent Kit (zip, 547 KB)

Package Inserts

Axiom 2.0 384HT Reagent Kit (pdf, 509 KB)

Axiom 2.0 Reagent Kit for 24-, 96- and 384 array plates (pdf, 992 KB)

Axiom® 384 Array Plate (pdf, 224 KB)

Axiom® 384HT Consumables Kit for Biomek FXp (pdf, 793 KB)

Axiom® Array Plate (pdf, 458 KB)

Axiom® myDesign™ Genotyping Array Plate (pdf, 96 KB)

AxiomŽ 384HT Consumables Kit for QC (pdf, 229 KB)

Quick Reference Cards

Axiom® 2.0 Automated Target Prep Protocol (pdf, 566 KB)

GeneTitan® MC Protocol for Axiom® Array Plate Processing (pdf, 1.43 MB)

Additional Support

Instrument Service Contracts

Alignment, Annotation, and Sequence files

Information about using Alignment, Annotation, and Sequence files

Current NetAffx Annotation Files

Axiom_O_my_50K Annotations, CSV format (2.3 MB, 7/11/13)

Axiom_Omy50Kv2 Annotations, CSV format, Release 35 (2.0 MB, 9/9/14)

Axiom_O_my_50K Annotations, SQLite Format (4.0 MB, 7/12/13)

Axiom_Omy50Kv2 Annotations, SQLite Format, Release 35 (3.5 MB, 9/12/14)

Note: NetAffx Annotation Files are intended for use in automated analysis. Some are not compatible with all spreadsheet applications. Please use the NetAffx Analysis Center to limit download data to your probesets of interest. Annotation CSV files for the exon arrays are split into a probeset level annotation file and a transcript cluster level annotation file; exon array CSV files are compatible with ExACT.