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NetAffx Feature Update NetAffx 4.2 - available September 2007 Several NetAffx features have been updated, and some outdated features have been retired to improve your interactive GeneChip array data analysis. More feature updates will be coming through the Fall.
  • Updated Quick Queries - faster, better sorted responses.
  • Export can now save the first 10,000 probe set records.
  • Batch Query can now upload 10,000 probe set records.
  • Streamlined navigation.
  • Updated NetAffx help
    • Glossaries explain all the probe set annotations details pages.
    • New Revised NetAffx FAQ

Alternative Methods to Replace Retired Features
As part of the update, three features have been retired: the Probe Set Display, the Array Finder, and the GO Browser.

Alternatives to these functions are suggested/available as below:

The Probe Set Display. is replaced by probe level tracks for Integrated Genome Browser and the UC Santa Cruz Genome Browser.

Array Finder. Finding genes of interest on NetAffx products with a conventional NetAffx Query is now preferred over the Array Finder.

GO Browser. Users can graphically view the relationship of GO terms with
The AMIGO GO Browser
EBI's GO Browser

Genmapp 's desktop application allows users to view a graphical representation of associated GO terms for input probe set IDs, or Gene Symbols/Unigene IDs from a NetAffx export.

GeneInfoViz allows users to view a graph of associated GO terms for an input Gene Symbols, or Unigene IDs from a NetAffx export.