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WT Sense Target Labeling Assay

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What is the basic principle of the ribosomal RNA reduction procedure using the RiboMinus Human/Mouse Transcriptome Isolation Kit?

Four biotinylated LNA RiboMinus probes are designed to specifically bind to the abundant 18S and 28S rRNA species (2 probes each for 18S and 28S rRNA). Following hybridization of the biotinylated probes to the rRNA molecules in the total RNA sample, the rRNA is efficiently removed from the sample by the addition of the RiboMinus Magnetic Beads that are coated with streptavidin. The unbound fraction represents the RNA with rRNA species reduced. The sample is then concentrated before target labeling using the IVT cRNA Cleanup Kit. Consult the handbook included in the RiboMinus Kit from Invitrogen for more details.