MANUAL: apt-cel-convert (1.20.0)



apt-cel-convert will convert cel files between the following formats:


apt-cel-convert - program to convert cel files to different types.
   apt-cel-convert -f text -o text-cels *.CEL
   apt-cel-convert --format xda --out-dir text-cels --cel-files cel-files.txt

   -h, --help                       Display program options and extra documentation
                      about possible analyses. [default 'false'] 
   -i, --in-place Convert the file in place. Over-write existing
                      file. [default 'false'] 
   -f, --format Set the output cel file format type. Valid
                      values: xda, text, agcc. [default ''] 
     --log-file The output log file. Defaults to location of
                      output with name apt-cel-convert.log. [default
   -v, --verbose How verbose to be with status messages 0 -
                      quiet, 1 - usual messages, 2 - more messages.
                      [default '1'] 
     --version Display version information. [default 'false'] 
     --set-dat-name Set the DAT file name to match that of the cel
                      file name. [default 'false'] 
     --cel-files Text file specifying cel files to process, one
                      per line with the first line being 'cel_files'.
                      [default ''] 
   -o, --out-dir Directory to write result files into. [default
     --chip-type Force the new cel file to be this chip type.
                      [default ''] 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can apt-cel-convert handle the CCEL and BCEL formats which were in ExACT?

A. No.