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     Drug discovery/validation


     Agrobiology research

     Genetics - human



     Genetics - non-human


     Biomarker Discovery/validation



     Cell biology

     Membrane protein analysis

     Stem cell research

     Cytogenetics research


     Surfactant properties


     Molecular biology

     Translational/clinical research

     Disease research



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     Protein purification


     In vitro transcription

     Reporter gene assays


     Luminex®-based assays

     RNA purification



     Sanger sequencing


     NMR spectroscopy


     Differential solubilization

     Nucleic acid manipulation enzymes

     siRNA/miRNA analysis

     DNA purification


     Site-directed mutagenesis


           End-point PCR

     X-ray crystallography


           qPCR (real-time PCR)


     Flow cytometry



           RT-PCR (rev trans PCR)


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