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1999 Publications

Broad patterns of gene expression revealed by clustering analysis of tumor and normal colon tissues probed by oligonucleotide arrays
Alon, U. et al. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 96(12), 6745-50, 1999  PubMed

Quantifying DNA-protein interactions by double-stranded DNA arrays
Bulyk, M. L. et al. Nature Biotechnology 17(6), 573-7, 1999  PubMed

Double-stranded DNA arrays: next steps in the surface campaign
Carlson, R. et al. Nature Biotechnology 17(6), 536-7, 1999  PubMed

Computational methods for the identification of differential and coordinated gene expression
Claverie, J. M. Human Molecular Genetics 8(10), 1821-32, 1999  PubMed

Diverse signaling pathways activated by growth factor receptors induce broadly overlapping, rather than independent, sets of genes
Fambrough, D. et al. Cell 97(6), 727-41, 1999  PubMed

Transcriptional profile of mechanically induced genes in human vascular smooth muscle cells
Feng, Y. et al. Circulation Research 85(12), 1118-23, 1999  PubMed

High-density nucleoside analog probe arrays for enhanced hybridization
Fidanza, J. A. et al. Nucleosides & Nucleotides 18(6-7), 1293-5, 1999  PubMed

Functional genomics
Fields, S. et al. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 96(16), 8825-6, 1999  PubMed

A novel method for determining linkage between DNA sequences: hybridization to paired probe arrays
Gentalen, E. et al. Nucleic Acids Research 27(6), 1485-91, 1999  PubMed

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