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1998 Publications

HIV drug resistance: genotypic assays and their possible applications
Ballard, A. L. et al. Sexually Transmitted Infections 74(4), 243-8, 1998  PubMed

"Code of practice and guidance on human genetic testing services supplied direct to the public". Advisory committee on genetic testing
Barber, J. C. Journal of Medical Genetics 35(6), 443-5, 1998  PubMed

Synthesis of protected derivatives of 3-pyrrolylalanine
Beecher, J. et al. Tetrahedron Letters 39, 3927-30, 1998

Conventional and genetic laboratory tests used to guide antimicrobial therapy
Cockerill, F. R. 3rd Mayo Clinic Proceedings 73(10), 1007-21, 1998  PubMed

Identification of genes differentially regulated by interferon alpha, beta, or gamma using oligonucleotide arrays
Der, S. D. et al. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 95(26), 15623-8, 1998  PubMed

From genes to genome biology: a new era in Helicobacter pylori research
Dorrell, N. et al. Gut 42(4), 451-3, 1998  PubMed

Thermodynamics of duplex formation and mismatch discrimination on photolithographically synthesized oligonuclteotide Arrays
Forman, J. E. et al. American Chemical Society Chapter 13, 206-28, 1998

Simultaneous genotyping and species identification using hybridization pattern recognition analysis of generic Mycobacterium DNA arrays
Gingeras, T. R. et al. Genome Research 8(5), 435-48, 1998  PubMed

Mutation detection by ligation to complete n-mer DNA arrays
Gunderson, K. L. et al. Genome Research 8(11), 1142-53, 1998  PubMed

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