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Human Mapping 250K Nsp Assay for Cytogenetics

The GeneChip® Mapping 250K Nsp Assay, in conjunction with the GeneChip® Mapping 250K Nsp Array, is designed to detect more than 250,000 SNPs in samples from cell lines, blood, saliva, tissue, and FFPE.

The GeneChip® Mapping 250K Nsp Assay is a subset of the GeneChip® Mapping 500K Assay. The protocol starts with 250 ng of genomic DNA per array and will generate SNP genotype calls for approximately 262,000 SNPs.

The genomic DNA is digested with the Nsp1 restriction enzyme to generate a range of fragment sizes. These fragments are ligated with a common set of Nsp 1 adaptors and the adaptors ligate to the different-sized fragments. A PCR amplification is used to amplify fragments in the 250-1,000 bp range (shown in Figure 1 as red in the first fragment), followed by fragmentation, labeling, and hybridization on the array.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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