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GeneChip® Rice 44K SNP Genotyping Array

The GeneChip® Rice 44K SNP Genotyping Array is designed to detect common genetic variants within and between the major subpopulations of rice, including indica, aus, tropical japonica, temperate japonica, and group V ("aromatic").

With the array's high resolution and superior genomic coverage, researchers can now collaborate internationally to easily assay the natural variation of rice varieties worldwide to identify genes underlying important phenotypic traits (such as high-yielding varieties to increase rice production), understand genetic sources of variation and associated phenotypic changes, and differentiate varietals for fingerprinting and classification purposes.

The GeneChip Rice 44K SNP Genotyping Array was developed in collaboration with Dr. Susan R. McCouch, a professor in the Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics at Cornell University, as well as a team of scientists from world-renowned rice research institutes and private sector partners.

The Rice 44K SNP Genotyping Array is used in conjunction with the Genome-Wide Human SNP Sty Assay 5.0 (P/N 901011). Please contact customer service to order this assay kit.

Currently there are no materials to display for this product. If you would like to learn more about this product, please contact support@affymetrix.com.

Part # Description Details
520672 GeneChip® Rice 44K Genotyping Array Includes approximately 95 arrays per wafer

Library Files

AGCC 3.x Axiom® Turkey GeneTitan MC library files

Axiom® Turkey Analysis Files, r2

Axiom® Turkey Annotation Converter, r2

Alignment, Annotation, and Sequence Files

Information about using Alignment, Annotation, and Sequence files

Current NetAffx Annotation Files

Axiom_TurkeyHD Annotations, CSV Format, r2 (29 MB, 5/12/16)

Axiom_TurkeyHD Annotations, SQLite Format, r2 (44 MB, 5/12/16)

Note: NetAffx annotation files are intended for use in automated analysis. Some are not compatible with all spreadsheet applications. Please use the NetAffx Analysis Center to limit download data to your probe sets of interest. Annotation CSV files for the exon arrays are split into a probe set-level annotation file and a transcript cluster-level annotation file; exon array CSV files are compatible with ExACT.

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