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The Axiom™ Genotyping Solution

The Axiom Genotyping Solution is Affymetrix' newest product for genome-wide association studies (GWAS) and candidate gene association studies. It includes array plates with validated genomic content, complete reagent kits, data analysis tools, and a fully automated workflow utilizing the GeneTitan™ Multi-Channel Instrument.

Benefits of the Axiom Genotyping Solution

  • Flexible content - optimize your studies with a diverse set of relevant and novel variants
  • Fast results - process more than 750 samples per week on a single platform—the highest throughput in the industry
  • More power - run more samples within your budget
  • Greater confidence - generate reliable results with end-to-end automated sample processing and fully optimized reagent kits
  • The Axiom Genotyping Solution includes:

  • Axiom™ Genome-Wide Human Array Plates, designed to maximize genomic coverage of common and novel SNP and indels in Caucasian, Asian, and African populations
  • A proprietary database of validated genomic markers, including HapMap and content from the 1000 Genomes Project, that can be leveraged as part of a custom Axiom design process
  • Axiom™ Reagent Kits for automated, parallel processing of 96 samples per plate—process between 192 and 768 samples per run
  • A fully automated workflow with validated robotic methods for target preparation and array processing, based on the Beckman Biomek® FXP Target Prep Express System and the GeneTitan™ MC Instrument
  • Genotyping Console™ Software (GTC) with a new Axiom Genotyping Algorithm v1 (Axiom GT1) for automated allele calling and quality assessment of called genotypes
  • A streamlined assay

    Total genomic DNA (200 ng) is amplified and randomly fragmented into 25 to 125 base pair (bp) fragments. These fragments are purified, re-suspended, and hybridized to Axiom Genome-Wide Human Array Plates. Following hybridization, the bound target is washed under stringent conditions to remove non-specific background to minimize background noise caused by random ligation events. Each polymorphic nucleotide is queried via a multi-color ligation event carried out on the array surface. After ligation, the arrays are stained and imaged on the GeneTitan™ Multi-Channel Instrument.

    Overview of the Axiom Genome-Wide Genotyping Assay

    Axiom Genome-Wide Genotyping Assay
    Axiom Genome-Wide Genotyping Assay


    For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Axiom Array Plates

Part # Description Details
901591 Axiom™ Genome-Wide Human Array Plates Includes 1 96-array plates and required GeneTitan plastic consumables
901592 Axiom™ Genome-Wide Human Array Plates Includes 2 96-array plates and required GeneTitan plastic consumables
901596 Axiom™ Genome-Wide Human Array Plates Includes 8 96-array plates and required GeneTitan plastic consumables

Axiom Reagent Kits

Part # Description Details
901281 Axiom™ Reagent Kit* Includes all reagents (except isopropanol) to process 96 gDNA samples

*Reagent kits do not include plastic consumables required to run the assay on the Beckman Biomek FXP Target Prep Express System. For a list of required Beckman consumables, please see the Axiom User Guide.


Part # Description Details
A83103 Beckman Biomek® FXP Target Prep Express System Robotic platform for automated target preparation

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000740 Axiom™ Genotyping Services Sample processing and data generation services for gDNA samples (minimum 1,000 samples) using the Axiom Genotyping Solution