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Download and Launch Integrated Genome Browser

Integrated Genome Browser (IGB)

The Integrated Genome Browser (IGB, pronounced ig-bee) is an application intended for visualization and exploration of genomes and corresponding annotations from multiple data sources. For more information, including links to the source code and user discussion forum, please see Affymetrix tools.

When citing IGB, please reference: Nicol et al. (2009). The Integrated Genome Browser: free software for distribution and exploration of genome-scale datasets. Bioinformatics 25(20): 2730-2731.

System Requirements

Please review the minimum System Requirements for running Integrated Genome Browser.

IGB requires Java Web Start, which is included with recent versions of the Java 2 Runtime Environment (JRE) and Java 2 Standard Edition SDK (J2SE SDK). IGB requires at least Java version 6 (JRE 1.6) or higher. Download the most recent version of Java by using the following button.

You will need to restart your browser after installing Java.

IGB User's guide (pdf, 1.20MB) >

Download and Launch IGB

Source Code

Source code for IGB is available as part of the GenoViz project and is covered by the Common Public License, v1.0, an OSI approved open source license.

IGB is Copyright (c) 2000-2006 Affymetrix, Inc. Research and development of IGB is supported in part by NIH grant R01HG003040.

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