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Tiling Array Tools

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Tiling Analysis Software - Version 1.1

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Version 1.1 includes the following changes:

  • Option to write either CHP or BAR file. Specify option in the Export tab of the Default Properties dialog.
  • Added the scaling target intensity to the file properties function.
  • Enrichment analysis. This analysis performs a simulation to assess the likelihood that the observed overlap is different from the expected overlap with no enrichment.
  • Interval overlap report. This report provides the number of intervals and bases from a BED file that are within a user-specified distance of intervals from a reference BED file.
  • PM only analysis of PM/MM arrays.

Tiling Analysis Software (TAS) Support Policy

TAS is an Affymetrix Tool and supported according to the Affymetrix Tools Support Policy.

Probe Coordinate Convention

This page documents the convention regarding probe and interval coordinates produced by the TAS software.

  • Tiling Analysis Software - Version 1, Build 15, 12/23/2005
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  • GeneChip Tiling Analysis SDK
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  • BPMAP Probe Exporter (Updated 1/31/06)
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    The 1/31/06 update includes the group and version as part of the sequence name.