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Agrigenomics Community

Welcome to the community page where you can share and learn what's new in plant and animal genomics and transcriptomics. The focus is basic research and industrial application of technologies for breeding, population diversity and conservation, trait analysis, and more.

Cytogenetics Community
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Plant Genomics

Visit the Plant Genomics section to learn about strategies that are now being deployed by leading plant scientists to develop and automate molecular toolkits for simple, diploid and complex, polyploid plant species.

Animal Genomics

Visit the Animal Genomics section to learn from scientists who have successfully developed molecular toolkits for research and commercial applications in animals.


Explore when to use RNA-Seq and when to use microarray to study gene-environment interactions. See how others are using transcriptomics arrays in plant and animal species.


Browse recent publications in animal and plant species that highlight how other scientists are using Affymetrix® technologies.

Join the discussion: connect with others talking about the challenges and opportunities in genetics and genomics

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