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Eureka™ myDesign™ Genotyping Panels for Agrigenomics

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Create your own targeted genotyping by sequencing panel for parentage, traceability, marker-trait association, and other routine purposes. It is the ultimate solution for high-throughput sample processing against targeted content.

Part # Description Unit Size
Eureka™ 1.0 Reagent Kit
Includes all reagents to process 384 reactions   
Eureka™ Consumables Kit
Includes consumables required to process 3,840 reactions   
Eureka™ myDesign™ Panel for Agrigenomics
Includes design and development of a genotyping by sequencing panel containing 100 to 3,000 markers   
Eureka™ Genotyping Services myDesign™ Panel
Includes processing of Eureka™ myDesign™ Panel. Minimum order size 5,000 samples   
Eureka™ myDesign genotyping panel
Includes one panel containing 100 to 3,000 markers   

Advantages of Eureka myDesign Panels

  • Fast-tracks focused studies on specific variants of interests, relevant to certain traits, disease states, not covered in catalog products.
  • Enables studies of species not covered in pre-designed products.
  • Enables study of a small number of variants in a rapid and affordable manner.

Eureka myDesign Custom Panels feature

  • Flexible content: Fully customizable panels focused on your variants of interest, in any species. Keep up with recent discoveries by adding new content as needed
  • Targeted content: All informative loci are targeted across all samples and manufacturing batches.
  • Partnership: Collaborative engagements with Affymetrix Bioinformaticians to develop a myDesign panel.
  • High quality:Accurate and reproducible with every manufactured batch of Eureka myDesign Panels.

Eureka myDesign Panels include:

Eureka™ 1.0 Reagent kit enables genotyping of SNPs and indels on Eureka myDesign Panels for up to 384 samples.

Eureka™ Analysis Suite manages samples, ensures next generation sequencing index combination integrity, and enables genotyping data analysis with a single software package.

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