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GeneChip® Rat Gene ST Arrays

The whole-transcript coverage of these arrays provide the most accurate, sensitive, and comprehensive measurement of protein coding and non-coding RNA transcripts.

Part # Description Unit Size Your Price (USD)
GeneChip® Rat Gene 2.0 ST Array
contains 6 arrays    Please Inquire
GeneChip® Rat Gene 2.0 ST Array
contains 30 arrays    Please Inquire
GeneChip® Rat Gene 1.0 ST Array
contains 2 arrays    Please Inquire
GeneChip® Rat Gene 1.0 ST Array
contains 6 arrays    Please Inquire
GeneChip® Rat Gene 1.0 ST Array
contains 30 arrays    Please Inquire

Comprehensive design

Affymetrix understands that rats are an important model organism commonly used for studying human disease. In order to keep your experiments relevant to the understanding of the transcriptome, Affymetrix has designed an array based on the most recent genome content for generating genome-wide expression profiles.

The GeneChip® Gene ST family of arrays offers a unique feature not available in other microarrays. Unlike traditional array designs that rely on a probe(s) designed to the first exon of the gene's 3' end, the hundreds of thousands of probes on each GeneChip Gene ST Array are designed to every exon of every transcript represented on the array.

The high transcript coverage (median of 22 probes per gene) yields accurate detection for genome-wide transcript expression changes. These arrays provide higher resolution and accuracy than many of the classical 3'-biased microarray solutions available. The whole-transcript analysis approach enables researchers to detect multiple transcript isoforms from a given gene, including those that could be missed using a 3'-biased expression design, such as splice variants, non-polyadenylated transcripts, transcripts with alternative polyadenylation sites, and truncated transcripts.

Key benefits

  • Whole-transcript analysis enables the capture of transcript isoforms you may miss with 3'-biased expression designs
  • Comprehensive transcriptome coverage provides the best opportunity to discover interesting biology:
    • >27,000 protein coding transcripts
    • >24,000 Entrez genes
  • Measure alternative splicing events/transcript variants with probes designed to maximize coverage of exons
  • Reproducible: Signal correlation coefficient ≥0.99

Content profile

Since the design of GeneChip® Rat Gene 1.0 ST Array, there has a substantial increase in the structural and functional understanding of the Rat genome. In order to provide the research community with a tool that can measure the differential expression of this exciting class of RNA transcripts, Affymetrix designed GeneChip® Rat Gene 2.0 ST Array.

Transcript coverage of the array1 Rat Gene 1.0 ST Array Rat Gene 2.0 ST Array
Total RefSeq transcripts covered 17,061 28,407
NM – RefSeq coding transcript, well-established annotation 16,054 16,771
NR – RefSeq non-coding transcript, well-established annotation 293 442
XM – RefSeq coding transcript, provisional annotation 642 10,376
XR – RefSeq non-coding transcript, provisional annotation 72 818
RefSeq (Entrez) Gene count 16,557 23,586
1 Transcript coverage and gene count derived from RefSeq download as of February 2012.

Data sources used to design the array Rat Gene 1.0 ST Array Rat Gene 2.0 ST Array
RefSeq 36 51
Ensembl 41 65
GenBank Nov. 2006 -
Baylor College of Medicine Human Genome Sequencing Center & Rat Genome Sequencing Consortium (RGSC) RN3.4 -

"For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures."


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