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Gene Profiling Solutions

The new expression clinical toolkit includes the GeneChip® System 3000Dx v.2 for IVD use, the first FDA IVD CE-marked Gene Profiling Reagents, and the Gene Profiling Array cGMP U133 P2, the cGMP version of the GeneChip® Human Genome U133 Plus 2.0 Array. The clinical toolkit is the first microarray-based clinical toolkit for diagnostic development, signature discovery for companion diagnostics, and translational initiatives.

    Optimized Gene Profiling Reagents save time and money
  • Optimized master mixes to limit hands-on time and reduce errors
  • Simplified assay workflow and reduced QC testing compared to RUO products
  • Minimized revalidation when transitioning from RUO reagents

    Gene Profiling Array cGMP U133 P2 for confidence, and reproducible, reliable results
  • Based on robust expression technology supported by more than 3,000 publications
  • Used by PbA partners to develop cleared diagnostic tests
  • Manufactured under cGMP (backed by Certificates of Analysis)