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About Affymetrix


Molecular Biology Kits and Reagents

We also offer a wide selection of products and kits for popular molecular biology applications, including cloning, RNA analysis, DNA sequencing, and protein analysis. The USB® line of pre-mixed buffers and solutions offers convenience at the bench.

Cellular Manipulation and Isolation

Kits for cellular isolation and transfection. Includes cancer cell isolation kits as well as siRNA transfection reagents.

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Kits and enzymes for efficient cloning including popular products, such as Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase.


DNA standards and primers for a variety of applications, including hyrbidizations and sequencing.

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DNA Sequencing

Sequenase-based DNA sequencing kits and reagents.

Gene Regulation

Please note: the Gene Regulation products within this section were discontinued on 12/31/16. For additional information, please contact our tech support team.

Transcription factor analysis and screening and isolation tools. Includes kits for TF-DNA interaction and validation as well as TF luciferase reporter vectors and siRNA transfection reagents.

Molecular Biology Enzymes

USB® enzymes for a wide variety of molecular biology applications, such as DNA amplification, nucleic acid manipulation, and next-generation sequencing. More than 60 USB enzymes are available, including polymerases, nucleases, ligases, and DNA binding proteins.


Simple and effective site-directed mutagenesis from USB.

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Pre-Mixed Buffers and Solutions

USB® pre-mixed buffers and stock solutions allow you to spend less time mixing solutions and more time focusing on results. Essential laboratory reagents in conveniently packaged, pre-mixed solutions ensure consistent quality and save you time and money.

Protein Analysis

Convenient reagents for isolation, electrophoresis, and detection of proteins.

RNA Analysis

We provide the tools labs need for studying RNA biology. The USB® product line includes optimized kits for studying miRNAs, polyadenylation, and more. These products make RNA biology research easier and consistent with robust assays and reagents.

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