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About Affymetrix


Molecular Pathology

ViewRNA® Assays are widely adopted for performing quantitative RNA in situ hybridization that delivers molecular detection within a morphological context in a single assay. ViewRNA Assays deliver highly specific and sensitive results in a variety of samples for any probe of interest.

Services and Support

The ViewRNA Services team is an experienced service partner with over seven years of in situ tissue-based RNA expression analysis expertise. From our scientists to our pathologists, we are here to fully support you, whether you are looking for proof of concept (POC), assay development/target optimization, or complete biomarker validation and analysis on clinical specimens. Our team is well equipped to run assays from manual processing to fully automated assays on Leica® Advanced Staining Systems. Our menu of services includes:

  • Biomarker validation
  • RNA biomarker validation for retrospective patient stratification
  • Companion diagnosis: preliminary assessment
  • Animal model studies
  • Pharmacodynamics studies
  • Preclinical safety assessment

Results and Protocol Delivered

When we complete your service, we will send all stained slides and data back to you with:

  • Your samples stained for your gene(s)
  • Positive and negative control slides
  • Optimized assay conditions for your sample type
  • A detailed report including images for positive and negative controls, tissue optimization (if necessary), and your sample with your gene(s)

Tissue Analysis (RUO)

In situ hybridization (ISH) is a powerful technique that allows for specific localization of nucleic acid targets in fixed tissues, such as formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) and fresh frozen tissues as well as in fine needle aspirates (FNAs) and tissue microarrays (TMAs).

ViewRNA Assays are possibly the most powerful and innovative tools you can bring to your pathology work. These RNA in situ assays simplify identification of transcripts that may not be easily localized any other way, including secreted proteins and non-coding RNA.

WISH you could go where IHC can't?

  • Localize any RNA target sequence, including secreted proteins and non-coding sequences.
  • Identify targets directly within FFPE samples, tissue microarrays, or fresh frozen tissues.
  • Perform fully automated assays on Leica Advanced Staining Instruments.

General Purpose Reagents (GPR)

General Purpose Reagents (GPR) are designated for laboratory use. The reagents allow for fully automated RNA ISH slide processing on Leica Advance Staining Instruments.

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