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Panomics Quantitative Assays

Our QuantiGene®, QuantiGene Plex, QuantiGene ViewRNA, and Procarta® product lines (formerly Panomics) offer assays in the low- to mid-plex range for validating gene and protein expression data. These automatable, cost-effective assays are available in flexible formats and provide greater accuracy and precision compared to traditional PCR amplification methods.

Assay Services

Affymetrix' assay services group, formerly known as Panomics, supplies DNA, RNA, protein, and cell-based assay services to academic institutes and pharmaceutical, therapeutic, biotech, and clinical research companies worldwide. Assay services are used by a growing number of major pharma and biotech companies to support their drug discovery and development programs, including clinical trials.

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Cellular Solutions

Affymetrix offers a wide range of cellular-based solutions for siRNA and peptide delivery, reporter stable cell lines, and luciferase reporter vectors for cell-based screening. These products enable you to understand a given biology of interest at the cellular level within the context of the cellular environment.

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Luminex® Assays

Luminex assays are based on xMAP® technology (multi-analyte profiling beads) to enable the detection and quantitation of multiple RNA, DNA, or cytokine targets simultaneously. The xMAP system combines a flow cytometer, fluorescent-dyed microspheres (beads), lasers, and digital signal processing to effectively allow multiplexing of up to 100 unique assays within a single sample.

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Protein Analysis

Affymetrix offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for pathway analysis using Luminex-based Procarta Assays for quantitation of cytokines, transcription factors, and SH2 domains. We also offer an entire suite of assays for protein interaction domain profiling and transcription factor analysis.

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RNA & DNA Analysis

The QuantiGene product line, based on clinically proven branched DNA (bDNA) technology, delivers quantitative gene expression and DNA copy number analysis of unparalleled quality with a significantly improved workflow compared to PCR-based methods. Single- and multiplex configurations are available for formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples, tissues, whole blood, and cell cultures.

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View RNA in situ Analysis

QuantiGene ViewRNA is a novel mRNA in situ hybridization solution, based on patent-pending probe set design and proprietary signal amplification methodology, which offers single-copy mRNA sensitivity in single cells in a multiplex assay format. This technology enables transcriptional profiling of individual cells within a population, and has broad applicability in research areas such as biomarker validation and in vitro/ in vivo RNAi delivery and knockdown.

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