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About Affymetrix


Services, Support, and Training

MyGeneChip™ Custom Array Program

Advance your translational research with MyGeneChip™ Custom Array Program, offering gene expression and genotyping solutions tailored to your specific research needs that enable you to generate the industry's highest resolution and most reproducible data from a single array.

Define your research focus, choosing from human, plant, animal, or microbial genomes, and leverage content from catalog GeneChip® expression arrays, your own RNA-Seq data, or a combination of both. MyGeneChip™ Custom Arrays are processed on GeneChip® Scanner 3000 7G System or GeneTitan® Multi-Channel (MC) Instrument, depending on your chosen array format.

Work closely with Affymetrix's Bioinformatics Chip Design Team from concept through design completion to ensure your success every step along the way. The Bioinformatics Chip Design Team has developed more than 1,000 custom designs resulting in hundreds of publications and is available to support you with your custom array needs–whether a standard design or an innovative technique.

Scientific Services

Affymetrix Research Services Laboratory (ARSL)

Affymetrix Research Services Laboratory (ARSL) is an Affymetrix-owned and -operated, high-throughput genotyping facility that offers affordable and fast genotyping services for large-scale, microarray-based studies. With one of the largest Affymetrix genotyping capacities in the world, ARSL generates high-quality data and enables academic and research institutions to complete their large-scale genotyping studies quickly. Our short turnaround times allow our customers to conduct their data analysis rapidly, improving their time to publication and grant submission.

Service process
ARSL process
Service process


If you'd like to place an order with the Affymetrix Research Services Laboratory, please contact us via phone at 888-362-2447 or via email at


ARSL Premier Services

The following ARSL services are currently available for the following platforms:

Part Number
*000740 *Axiom™ Genotyping Services
*000785 *Axiom™ Genomic Database Screening
*000798 OncoScan™ FFPE Express 2.0 Services
000593 Genome-Wide Human SNP Array 6.0 Genotyping Services

*New service offering

Service Contracts

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Affymetrix Support Agreements provide comprehensive post-warranty support to help you improve productivity, maximize the value of your investment, and optimize performance with professional consulting services.


Benefits of service contracts:

  • Flexible and configurable support solutions
  • Prioritized response based on your business demands
  • Optimum reliability via scheduled preventative system maintenance
  • Predictable operating cost
  • Optimum workstation performance and the latest software updates
  • Lower operating cost for arrays and reagents lost due to instrument failures
  • Discounted optional services and support products

We currently offer multiple levels of instrument support agreements based on your Affymetrix platform and support requirements. Optional services are available to expand or customize coverage of our standard support agreements to meet your specific needs.


Affymetrix University

Affymetrix University is a series of hands-on training courses designed to give researchers a head start in data analysis by emphasizing biological interpretation and final publication of analysis results.

  • Fast track to data analysis - Focused training courses that cover entire analytical pipeline, from experimental design to final biological interpretation, enabling faster time to publication
  • Hands-on training environment - Learn theoretical aspects of analysis and apply concepts to real-world data sets during practical exercises
  • Analysis software - Short-term licenses for commercial software used in the training are included for all participants to use post-session
  • Social networking event - Meet and interact with fellow attendees and course instructors

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