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USB® Molecular Biology Reagents and Biochemicals

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USB Products

Welcome to the new online home of USB products. Our wide variety of high-quality PCR reagents, molecular biology enzymes, purification kits, and ultrapure biochemicals are used by life science researchers worldwide. All of our products undergo extensive functional and contaminant testing to ensure quality and consistency.

Featured Products

Get your DNA library ready in less than 2 hours with our Prep2Seq DNA Library Prep Kit.

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Need help picking the correct master mix for your instrument? Use our real-time qPCR guide today!

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What's New

Prep2Seq Multiplex Oligo Adapters allow sample multiplexing in NGS reactions. We offer 2 different sets, each with 12 adapters.

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Request your copy of our new 2014 USB products catalog today!

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