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DNA Ladder, 100 bp  

A set of 10 easy-to-remember band sizes for use in qualitative agarose gel analysis

Part # Description Unit Size Your Price (USD)
76712 500 UL
DNA Ladder, 100 bp
500 µl    $121.00
Bulk quantity and Custom requests  

The 100 bp DNA Ladder is a set of 10 easy-to-remember band sizes for use in qualitative agarose gel analysis. The ladder is supplied in ready-to-load form in gel loading buffer. Simply add the recommended amount (5 μl) for bright band intensities between 100 and 1000 base pairs.

6X DNA Loading Buffer (OXG) with orange G and xylene cyanol FF is included for convenience to prepare DNA samples for agarose gel electrophoresis. The tracking dyes do not interfere with UV illumination of ethidium bromide stained gels.

2.0% TAE agarose gel

Fragments: 1000 bp; 900 bp; 800 bp; 700 bp; 600 bp; 500 bp; 400 bp; 300 bp; 200 bp; 100 bp.

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Functional Test:
Meets or exceeds criteria for agarose gel electrophoresis.

To Use: Add 5 μl of ladder mix per gel lane.

6X DNA Loading Buffer (OXG) (PN 76715, 1 ml included with 76712):
6X Loading Buffer consists of orange G, xylene cyanol FF and glycerol. Shipped ambient. Store at 4°C.


Shipped on ice. Store at 4°C.

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PCR Tools Brochure

MSDS / Material Safety Data Sheets

DNA Ladder, 100 bp SDS

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