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About Affymetrix


Affymetrix Microarray Brands

With more than 1,860 installed systems worldwide and nearly 20,000 peer-reviewed publications, the GeneChip® System is the platform of choice for analyzing complex genetic information. Researchers use the data generated by our products to explore the relationship between genes and diseases, find and develop new drugs, and develop diagnostic tests.

Affymetrix microarray solutions include all necessary components for a microarray experiment, from arrays and reagents to instruments and software.

The new GeneTitan™ System, for example, is the world's first hands-free, automated microarray processing system that reduces labor costs and improves data consistency. Researchers can now take a whole-genome approach to expression profiling and genotyping while smoothly scaling up to process large numbers of samples.

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USB Molecular Biology Reagents

USB, now part of Affymetrix, provides high-quality molecular biology reagents to life science researchers. The USB line includes well-known products such as ExoSAP-IT® for PCR cleanup, HotStart-IT® real-time and endpoint PCR solutions, Tested User Friendly™ molecular biology enzymes, PrepEase® purification kits, Ultrapure Biochemicals, and a wide variety of convenience reagents.

All of our products undergo extensive functional and contaminant testing to ensure quality and consistency. With our passion to provide personalized life science solutions, we deliver outstanding quality, service, and value every day.

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eBioscience Immunology Reagents

eBioscience, now an Affymetrix company, is a world leader in immunology and oncology flow cytometry reagents for both Life Science research and diagnostics.

The eBioscience product line contains a comprehensive and innovative portfolio of fluorochrome conjugated antibodies and reagents for multicolor flow cytometry. In addition to multicolor flow cytometry reagents, eBioscience offers highly-validated ELISA kits, recombinant proteins and general-purpose lab reagents for complete biological system analysis.

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