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Affymetrix' legal department is dedicated to building, utilizing and protecting our broad portfolio of intellectual property and innovative products. In addition, our highly skilled team of legal experts leads Affymetrix' commitment to the highest standards of ethics and conduct.

In this section of our website, you will learn about our Corporate Compliance and Ethics Program, our licensing program as well as our trademarks and how to use them properly.

If you would like to request permission to print or reprint Affymetrix material, please contact us.

Affymetrix Licensing Program

Affymetrix has established a licensing program to make its intellectual property estate accessible on reasonable terms to stimulate the broad commercialization of genome analysis technologies.

The program makes some recently issued patents, as well as early patents that established Affymetrix as the pioneer in microarrays, available for licensing and, in selected areas, for sale, to those using and commercializing microarray-centered technologies.

The patents include intellectual property in areas such as DNA and protein arrays, array manufacturing, array packaging and housing, scanner/detector technology, microfluidics, beads, and other areas related to genomic analysis.

Licensing Portfolio

The Affymetrix licensing portfolio includes patents in the following general areas:

  • Arrays of biological polymers on various substrates at various densities
  • Use of bar codes with biological polymer arrays or array packages
  • Scanning technology and associated instrumentation and software
  • Microfluidics related to experimentation using microarrays, assays and reagents and bead-related products and methods including:
    • Coded beads to which polymer probes are attached
    • Methods for identifying target molecules by reading a binding reagent coding system attached to beads
    • Methods for distinguishing between biological materials using nucleic acid probes attached to beads
    • Laser scanners or other devices for detection of fluorescently labeled nucleic acid targets bound to nucleic acids attached to beads

Other related Affymetrix patents may be of interest, and are available for licensing, to organizations commercializing and using bead technology, designing microarrays, manufacturing or using microarrays, detecting and analyzing signals from microarrays, employing bioinformatics and software to analyze microarrays, and other array-related areas.

Affymetrix Patents

Review Affymetrix patents and published patent applications

Organizations commercializing these technologies, or those desiring to, are invited to contact Affymetrix Licensing for more details at

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