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Axiom™ Analysis Suite

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Axiom Analysis Suite software is designed for automated data analysis of human and agriculture genotyping applications.

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Axiom™ Analysis Suite

Axiom™ Analysis Suite advances genotyping data analysis with a single-source software package to enable complete genotyping analysis of all Axiom® arrays.

Axiom Analysis Suite integrates single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping, insertion/deletion (indel) detection, and off-target variant (OTV) calling of simple and complex genomes in an easy-to-use graphical interface. Combining the power of Genotyping Console™ (GTC) Software, Affymetrix® Power Tools (APT), and SNPolisher, the software automates Affymetrix's Best Practices Workflow to deliver accurate results in a single step for export in PLINK, VCF, or TXT formats.

Axiom Analysis Suite 2.0

Run complete genotyping analysis of all Axiom arrays with a single software package.

Axiom Analysis Suite 2.0, the latest release, supports analysis with all earlier versions of Axiom analysis library files. Note: Axiom Analysis Suite versions 1.1.0 and earlier do not support Axiom analysis library files created after April 2016.

Easy-to-use single click for complete analysis

  • Import sample files, select analysis configuration settings, and set QC thresholds in the New Analysis configuration window.
  • Utilize default settings for diploid and polyploidy species, or customize settings for your specific analysis needs.
New Analysis configuration window
Complete Axiom™ Analysis Suite workflow

Complete genotyping analysis in one package

  • Complete the Best Practices Workflow with the click of one button: perform sample and plate QC, genotype high-quality samples, and filter SNPs into defined classifications.
  • Use default or custom views to visualize results: review plate-level QC heat maps and box plots, evaluate sample performance with box plots and scatter plots, and view individual SNP cluster plots.
  • Interact with external tools for further Axiom analysis (CNV Summary Tool).
  • Export results in multiple file formats for use in downstream analysis.

Automatically categorize SNPs into six main cluster types:

  • View SNP cluster graphs which are generated for each marker, allowing a detailed look at the performance of SNPs of interest.
  • Classify each SNP into cluster types for ease of interpretation and to prevent misinterpretation of genotype calls.
  • Manually edit genotype calls for one or more samples for a single marker with the "Change Call" function.
SNP cluster graphs

For a complete list of features, please download the latest release notes.

Download the latest version of Axiom Analysis Suite, version 2.0 (64-bit), and install the software by following the installation instructions found in the Axiom™ Analysis Suite User Guide. This version is supported on Microsoft Windows® 7 Professional (SP 1) and Microsoft Windows 8.1 (64-bit) Professional, Quad Core System 2.83 GHz with recommended 16 GB RAM. The software cannot be used for analyzing data from Genome-Wide Human SNP Array 6.0 or any other legacy genotyping arrays from Affymetrix.

Additional software files and analysis solutions

Affymetrix Power Tools (APT)
Axiom™ HLA Analysis
Genotyping Console™ (GTC) Software


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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