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Eureka™ Bovine Parentage Panel

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Eureka Bovine Parentage panel enables simultaneous screening of 122 parentage markers in bovine for cattle breeding.

Part # Description Unit Size
Eureka™ Bovine Parentage 122 plex
Contains one vial of 384 reactions. Eureka reagents and consumables must be quoted separately. Minimum order 384 samples.   

Eureka™" Bovine Parentage Panel was developed in collaboration with key scientists from Agricultural Research Services-U.S. Meat Animal Research Center (ARS-USMARC). The panel includes 122 SNPs, one hundred of which overlap with the International Society of Animal Genetics (ISAG) core markers. Eureka™ Bovine Parentage Panel offers an affordable, high-throughput, and robust targeted genotyping by sequencing (GBS) technology to parentage studies to increase accuracy of bovine breeding programs. The low marker density panel ensures accurate interrogation of all the bovine parentage markers in all regions of the genome.

Features of Eureka Bovine Parentage Panel

Content: The panel consists of 100 core SNPs and an additional set of 22 markers that can be used internationally to make results comparable between laboratories.

Applications of Eureka Bovine Parentage Panel

  • Molecular breeding
    • Identification of economically important traits
    • Improved accuracy in bovine breeding programs through genomic selection
Eureka Bovine

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