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Note: This portion of our web site contains archived information on talks previously broadcasted. Information presented was current at the time of the broadcasts; however, updated information may be available now. To request a specific archived event, please contact us.

Introducing GeneChip® Tiling Arrays for Chromatin Immunoprecipitation and Transcript Mapping Applications

Scientific Forum 1 of 1 | Thursday, September 15, 2005

Webinar, Human Tiling Array (September 15, 2005) -- GeneChip® Tiling Arrays are a new tool to discover novel RNA transcripts or map sites of protein-DNA interaction. Attend this webinar to see examples of how GeneChip tiling arrays have been used for transcript mapping and chromatin immunoprecipitation experiments. We will offer details on nine new tiling arrays, a new whole-transcript assay, and new software tools for tiling array analysis. Live question and answer session.

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1st European ChIP-on-chip Scientific Forum

Agenda Day 1 Presentations - Chromatin IP and Array Hybridisation

Scientific Forum 1 of 2 | Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The 1st European ChIP-on-chip scientific forum was held at Gresham Hotel & Conference Centre Dublin, Ireland. Archived agendas and presentation slides from the forum are available for download below.

Welcome & Overview of Affymetrix ChIP-on-chip Plans (pdf, 210 KB)
Zandra Carrington, Marketing Manager, Affymetrix

The ChIP-on-chip Workflow - An Overview (pdf, 607 KB)
Matthias Prucha, Senior Application Specialist, Affymetrix

ChIP-grade Antibodies: Selection and Validation (pdf, 775 KB)
Dr. Rachel Imoberdorf, Senior Dev. Scientist, Abcam

Analysis of Gene Regulatory Networks by ChIP-on-chip (pdf, 1.72 MB)
Dominic Schmidt, Max Planck Institute, Berlin

Binding Sites for USF1, USF2 and Regions of Histone 3 Acetylation Mapped Genome-Wide (pdf, 2.25 MB)
Professor Claes Wadelius, Department of Genetics & Pathology, Uppsala University

Genome-Wide Mapping of Estrogen Receptor Binding Sites (pdf, 435 KB)
Dr. Jason Carroll, Group Leader, CR-UK Cambridge UK (formerly Dana Farber Cancer Institute)

ChIP-on-chip: Sample Amplification and Data Treatment (pdf, 436 KB)
Dr. Patrick Descombes, Genomics Platform, University of Geneva

Considerations for the Amplification of the ChIP Product (pdf, 12 MB)
Dr. Balint Balint L, Department Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Debrecen

The Affymetrix-Genpathway Total Solution for ChIP-on-chip and Methylated DNA IP-on-Chip (pdf, 435 KB)
Dr. Mary Warren, COO & CSO, Genpathway, Inc., USA

Agenda Day 2 Presentations - Data Analysis

Scientific Forum 2 of 2 | Thursday, March 22, 2007

This is the second day of the 1st European ChIP-on-chip scientific forum, held March 22, 2007. Archived agendas and presentation slides from the forum are available for download below.

Data Analysis Approaches - Overview (pdf, 913 KB)
Dr. Mike Lelivelt, Senior Manager, Informatics Applications, Affymetrix, Inc, USA

Using the MAT Algorithm for ChIP-on-chip Data Analysis (pdf, 855 KB)
Dr. Cliff Meyer, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, USA

Analysis Models and Bioinformatics Infrastructure for Genome-Wide ChIP-chip Analysis (pdf, 2.09 MB)
Paul Flicek, Ensembl Developer, EBI/EMBL, Cambridge, UK

Regulation Analysis of ChIP-on-chip Studies using Partek GS and Affymetrix Tiling Arrays (pdf, 3.86 MB)
Len Keenan, Business Development Manager, Partek, Europe

A Biology-driven Approach to ChIP Analysis using Genomatix's ChIP Inspector (pdf, 3.89 MB)
Dr. Martin Seifert, VP Microarray Business & Collaborative Research, Genomatix Software

GmbH Methyl-DIP on an Affymetrix Chip (pdf, 1.77 MB)
Dr. James Flanagan, Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research, UCL

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